Wonder Knack Photography and Graphic Design

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Featured Projects
KNACKA Brick & Mortar Store
KNACKA Brick & Mortar Store The flagship KNACKA store opened in Spring 2013 and features premium handcrafted hemp gear made in Portland, Oregon and designed by Wonder Knack
'Food For The Masses' Book
Michael Franti : Lyrics & Portraits
FOOD FOR THE MASSES michael franti "Food For The Masses : Michael Franti Lyrics & Portraits" is the result of a 5 year collaboration between Michael Franti and Wonder Knack
Ziggy Marley 'Family Time'
Ziggy Marley 'Family Time' Illustration & package design for
Ziggy Marley's Grammy Award
winning Children's album 'Family Time'
TOXEMIA : Free Poster Download
This painting deals with the increasing toxicity in the environment and it's effect on all life forms
HEMP : REALIZE IT : free poster downloads
Stephen Marley MIND CONTROL

I painted this image to help shine a light on the benefits, uses & history of industrial hemp. Hemp = jobs. biofuel. housing. food. plastics. paper. farms +


Let American Farmers Grow Industrial Hemp Again.Download free posters and help to educate others on the importance of this essential industrial crop that could revive and energize a facet of the U.S. economy that has been forcibly dormant for 75 years

Stephen Marley 'Mind Control' Album Shoot
Stephen Marley MIND CONTROL Photography for Stephen Marley’s 2008 Grammy Award Winning album "Mind Control"
Distant Relatives Tour
Distant Relatives Tour Feature Nas & Damain Jr. Gong Marley are DISTANT RELATIVES : Some moments from the road
Ziggy Marley 'Love Is My Religion'
Ziggy Marley LOVE IS MY RELIGION Artwork and photography for Ziggy Marley’s 2007 Grammy Award Winning album "Love Is My Religion"
Stephen Marley 'Mind Control Acoustic'
Trailer Wrap for Ghetto Youths Int. Photography and package design for Stephen Marley’s 2010 Grammy Award Winning album 'Mind Control Acoustic'
Busy Signal D.O.B. Album Shoot
Busy Signal D.O.B. Album Shoot Some out takes from the photo shoot for Busy Signal's new album 'D.O.B.', just released from the most innovative DJ in Dancehall
Julian Marley 'Awake' Album Shoot
Julian Marley AWAKE Photography for Julian Marley’s 2009 Grammy Award Nominated album "Awake"
Reggae Gold 2009 Album Shoot
Reggae Gold 2009 Album Shoot Photography for the hottest
compilation CD of the year from
VP Records. We teamed with the
Jamaican Tourism Board to re-create
of a vintage Jamaican Tourism poster and do an extensive cross marketing campaign
Amp Fiddler + Sly & Robbie
'Inspiration Information' Shoot
Amp Fiddler + Sly & Robbie 
											'Inspiration Information' A new series from the Strut label, Inspiration Information brings together current artists and producers with their musical heroes for a mouth-watering one-off collaboration.
Bob Marley Soccer Calendar 2010
Bob Marley Soccer Calendar 2010 A collaboration with the Marley Family to celebrate the World Cup Being held in Africa
Javaughn 'SuperStar' Album Shoot
Javaughn SUPERSTAR Photography for Javaughn’s debut album "SuperStar" produced by Damian and Stephen Marley
Queen Ifrica 'Montego Bay' Album Shoot
Queen Ifrica MONTEGO BAY Photography for Queen Ifrica's album "Montego Bay"
NIKE : Design
NIKE Design Graphic Design & Footwear Color Design for NIKE. The Limited Edition Brand, Footlocker & Champs
Trailer Wrap for Ghetto Youths Int.
Trailer Wrap for Ghetto Youths Int. A 16 ft. trailer wrap design for Ghetto Youths Int. and Stephen Marley's Grammy Tour.