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This was a collaboration with Ziggy and Cedella to do something special to celebrate the World Cup being held in Africa. It includes regionally inspired art and historical facts about people, culture and football.


Bob loved football and he loved Africa. When we heard that the 2010 FIFA World Cup would be held in South Africa we decided we had to find a way to involve him, there would be no way that this could happen and Bob not participate. I know if he was here we would have had our tickets booked and bags packed early, Bob would not have, and will not miss being a part of this historic moment. He is laughing right now, one of those big laughs. Africa Yeah man! We decided to focus this years’ calendar on celebrating and commemorating Bob and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. These three things are inseparable. Bob, Africa, football. As young children we would always be around football, whether it was him playing friendly games with his brethrens or more serious pick up games during his tours. He was a good striker, very fast and agile. On defense he was tenacious. A really good player just in case the music thing didn’t work out. On Sundays he would take us to the National Stadium in Jamaica to watch local games featuring rival clubs, the atmosphere was tense but we all enjoyed ourselves eating oranges and peanuts. Just like music, football was always around Bob. He used it as his relaxation, his fitness regiment, his warm up before shows. It was an integral part of him. We honor our Father’s love of Africa and football with this calendar. We hope you enjoy it. As he would say “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright.”

Peace. Ziggy Marley



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