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This beautifully printed book is a collection of lyrics and black and white portraits from Michael Franti's early years with The Beatnigs and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, through all of the Spearhead records up to Everyone Deserves Music. Sometimes humorous, sometimes political, always to the point, Michael's lyrics can be seen around the world on bumper stickers and T-shirts, quoted by politicians and activists, painted on the sides of walls and protest signs and used as teaching tools by university professors and kindergarten teachers alike. This book chronicles Michael's poetic songwriting as he evolves from youthful rage to the radiant and razor sharp voice for social justice and peace that he is today. The photographs in this book offer a rare glimpse into the Michael you might not know. Performance shots from his earliest stage shows, through candid shots taken by photographer Wonder Knack, who for several years was granted exclusive access to shoot on stage, on the tour bus and anywhere else Michael and the band ventured. This book is for lovers of powerfully engaging lyrics or those wanting to see an intimate glimpse into the extraordinary evolution of one of todays most inspiring artists.

Price $34.95 USD + shipping

Winner of the National Gold Ink Award, 2006

Lyrics by Michael Franti
Photography by Wonder Knack
Includes a DVD of LIVE, previously unreleased concert footage
148 page 9"x11"


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